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Spin Master Zoobles - Family Jump Rope Mini Playset (Toy)

Features: Includes: 1 Zooble, 1 Mini Friend, 4 Accessories and 1 Jump Rope Happitat, Rotating Jump Rope Handle, Zooble Physically Jumps Over Rope, Additional Mini-Zooble Friend, Playful Accessories
Zoobles are jumping right out of the box with the all-new Jump Rope Mini Play Set! The adorable birdie Zooble will leap into the air and jump over the rope as you rotate the play set handle. Give it a turn and watch your Zooble skip right into a fun game of jump rope, and count how many jumps she can get! Inside every pack you’ll discover a cute Zooble mini-friend and great 4 accessories. Get active and jump into some fun with the all-new Jump Rope Mini Play Set!
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