Travel Babeez 8 SUPER SOFT Baby Washcloths 8 Pack 12"x12" - Large Premium Microfiber Towels for Sensitive Skin and Eczema, Plush Reusable Bath Wipes (Baby Product)

Features: ULTRA SOFTNESS, QUINTESSENTIAL FOR BABY'S FACE AND BODY - Cradle Cap? Eczema? Use our cloths to wash your young one without the worry of scratching and harsh abrasion., NEVER WORRY ABOUT SNAGS, TEARS, OR FRAYING AGAIN - This is made with PLUSH THICK FABRIC that sets it apart from the rest so you will never have to buy another one again., IDEAL REGISTRY ITEM & SHOWER GIFT - Spoil them with the very best! Seasoned or new, moms will appreciate the versatility and love the practicality of these unisex wash cloths., NEUTRAL COLORS - Each pack includes 8 12"x12" off-White with Yellow borders. PERFECT FOR BOYS AND/OR GIRLS!, 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We stand by our guarantee and if for some reason you are not happy, you can return them for a full refund, no questions asked!
"This washcloth is amazing. My baby's skin is very sensitive but with this washcloth her skin does not get irritated."

"Absolutely the softest I've ever felt. LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE!"

"They were so soft that even my daughter stopped playing during her bath to just enjoy being washed."

Read the Reviews: parents LOVE our baby washcloths!

Premium Grade Soft Fabric will not tear or snag - You will be surprised how soft these washcloths are. Made with specially woven microfiber will leave your little one with clean, gentle, and happy skin. Say good bye to eczema, rashes, cradle cap, - whatever else comes to mind!

Generously sized at 12"x12" and 8 pieces - This means you will have one for every day of the week and one more to spare. We believe in giving you the best value we possibly can! With reinforced borders you will never have to worry about our washcloths losing shape.

Makes a Beautiful Gift - Beautifully packed and individually wrapped with a cute pull-out box, our washcloths are perfect for gifting.

"Once you've discovered what a find this wash cloth is, you will be so happy to integrate something this nice for your family."
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