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Toddler Pillowcase - 100% Organic Jersey Cotton. Made for our 2Kidz Pillow or any 13x18 Pillow. Perfect Size for Our Little Ones. Machine Washer and Dryer Safe. Made in USA. Unicorns and Stars.

Features: JERSEY COTTON: Super soft. Super stretchy. That old t-shirt feel. Giving a cool feel when warm, and a warm feeling when cool., KID FOCUSED COLORS: Only safe GOTS certified dyes used. Providing safe fade resistant colors., CRAFTED IN USA: Providing a durable lasting pillowcase. We understand toddlers are not the gentlest., FITS 13x18 PILLOW: Perfect size. Perfect shape. Perfect for your toddler., MACHINE WASHER & DRYER SAFE: Drag it on the ground. Drool on it. Throw it around. Easy clean. Easy Dry.

The Pillowcase. Crafted For The Toddler.
Made for me.

Our super soft jersey cotton and vibrant colors paired with our creative designs, screams kid focused. Met with eco-innovation by using organic cotton, safe dyes and sustainable packaging. Our pillowcase provides a safe haven to rest their head on. I bet that will leave mom and dad with a comforting smile. Return the favor! Allow our pillowcase to give your little one the smile they deserve.

Pillowcases For All Personalities. Together We Make Them Smile.
The Majestic Unicorn pillowcase.

Our Majestic Unicorn pillowcase is dazzling and simplistically designed. A Shower of shimmering stars amongst whimsical unicorns boasting thick luminous hair. The tantalizing dreamland of the unicorn is divine and has been a girl's favorite for decades. It's perfect for your little girl to dream with. What majestic story will your little girl come up with.

Jersey Cotton. Fantastically Soft.
That old t-shirt feel.

Softer then that favorite broken in t-shirt. Our pillowcases are super light, super stretchy and super breathable. Perfect. Our jersey is t-shirt type cotton that works. Don't you think your toddler would like to rest on jersey now?

Sustainability From A-Z.
Pillowcase to package.

Using organic cotton, GOTS certified dyes to the sustainable energy used at the US-GOTS certified manufacture. The clear bag that holds our awesome pillowcase is even biodegradable. It's made from wood fibers. Neat. .

Made By Parents.
Focused on kids.

Jodi and Joey here, fun founders of 2Kidz, but more importantly we are also parents. We promise to do our best at offering kid focused toddler and preschool products, while keeping focus on the environment and health of our little ones. We can help you on the journey of providing your kids with fun products they love, while making sure each footprint they leave is a little cleaner!
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