If you have a toddler or child, you have probably heard of Paw Patrol by now. Paw Patrol is an amazingly fun series which most small children absolutely adore, featuring a young boy and six dogs who go out and save the day whenever there is trouble. The characters represent actual emergency services, too, so your children are learning valuable lessons about how our society works, what jobs are done to keep everyone safe, how to apply logic to dangerous situations, and trusting others. If you want to encourage and foster these lessons, here are ten Paw Patrol toys so your child can re-enact the stories and relive the lessons they have learned.

Paw Patrol Chase’s Spy Cruiser, Vehicle and Figure (works with Paw Patroller)

Chase is Paw Patrol’s law enforcement pup. He comes with a spy cruiser vehicle, all ready to save the day. This set does not require batteries, and is fully compatible with the Paw Patroller vehicle. Chase can ride his spy cruiser.

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Paw Patrol – Skye’s High Flyin’ Copter (works with Paw Patroller)

Skye, the girl of the team, takes to the air in her awesome helicopter. Skye comes with her goggles and parachute, ready for action. The propeller on her helicopter spins as it rolls along or is moved through the air. No batteries are needed, and her copter fits in the Paw Patroller.

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Paw Patrol Super Pup Rubble’s Crane, Vehicle and Figure (works with Paw Patroller)

Rubble the bulldog is ready to help, with his multi-purpose digging machine. It includes a crane at one end and a digger at the other, perfect for lifting rubble and debris. Rubble can sit in it and pilot it. No batteries are required, and it fits in the Paw Patroller.

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Paw Patrol – Rocky’s Recycling Truck

Rocky is always there at the end of the day to make sure nothing goes to waste. Whether something has fallen down and needs recovering, or someone needs some sheet metal from his collection, Rocky is there to lend a paw. He fits in his truck, which can also fit in the Paw Patroller. No batteries required.

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Paw Patrol Mission Paw – Mission Cruiser – Robo Dog and Vehicle

Or if ground missions are more your style, you could get the mission cruiser along with Robo Dog to pilot it. It has room for three small vehicles or figurines, for plenty of rescue fun.

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PAW Patrol My Size Lookout Tower with Exclusive Vehicle, Rotating Periscope & Lights & Sounds

Big rescues call for an even bigger tower. Help the Paw Patrol keep an eye out for trouble with the My Size Lookout Tower. Standing at an impressive two and a half feet tall, this tower is the perfect vantage point for your child to observe the action of the city. Using the rotating periscope at the top of the tower, they can do a visual sweep of Adventure Bay. When something is spotted, use the buttons on the tower to activate lights and authentic sounds from the show. Push the icons on the interactive pup pad and hear each pup weigh in with their signature phrase. When it’s time to leap into action, Chase is on the case! Send him speeding down the tower’s slide. The unique flip feature on the slide’s end shoots him up into the air, then straight into his police truck – available exclusively with this set. Once Chase is in his truck, use the rotating vehicle launcher at the tower’s base to aim and shoot him straight into the action. Should you need backup, Marshall is ready for a ruff, ruff, rescue! Send him from top to bottom in seconds with the working elevator. Once you snap on his pup pack, which he stashes in the backpack storage area, he’ll be ready for anything. The launcher comes with space for the rest of the Paw Patrol and their basic vehicles (sold separately). Assemble them all and venture out on even more exciting adventures. Paw Patrol to the rescue!

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PAW Patrol Sea Patrol – Sea Patroller Transforming Vehicle with Lights & Sounds, Ages 3 & Up

Trouble is on the horizon at Adventure Beach! Help Ryder save Baby Octopus by jumping aboard the Paw Patrol Sea Patroller. Equipped with flashing lights, sounds and a detachable anchor, this rescue vehicle comes with everything you need to sail the high seas. As captain, you’ll have command of the lifesaver launcher, as well as the handy crane and cage – perfect for getting Ryder into hard-to-reach places. This dual boat/ land vehicle can easily tackle rocky roads. Simply slide the bridge forward and wheels drop down, taking you over any terrain. There’s room for all Paw Patrol figures aboard the Sea Patroller (additional figures sold separately). This ship can hold up to 2 vehicles, and comes with Ryder’s Rescue ATV. Load it into the Sea Patroller and use the front-opening ramp to send the Paw Patrol on a roll! For extra-tricky missions that require flight, the helipad on the back of the ship is the perfect launching spot for Skye (sold separately). Whether land, sea or air, the Paw Patrol will be there!

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PAW Patrol Mission Paw – Air Patroller

Fly to the ruff-ruff rescue with the exclusive Paw Patrol Mission Paw Air Patroller! The Mission Paw Air Patroller transforms from hover (helicopter) mode by rotating the propellers into plane mode. For added adventure, the Air Patroller features lights and sounds that accompany you on all your Air Rescue missions. You can fit up to 2 characters in the cockpit and 4 in the cargo bay. Includes a Chase figure to save the day, and when the mission is complete, you can bring the Mission Paw Air Patroller in for a landing with its real working wheels or transform to helicopter mode and hover down for a perfect pooch landing atop the Paw Patroller (sold separately). Bring home the air rescue adventures of Adventure Bay with the Mission Paw Air Patroller!

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Paw Patrol – Paw Terrain Vehicle

Paw Patrol is on a roll with the Paw Terrain Vehicle! Join Ryder and his friend Mateo the parrot on their jungle mission — Baby Panther is in trouble and he needs your help! Place the Ryder figure into the Paw Terrain Vehicle, attach Mateo to the roof rack and get ready to roll! You’ve found the Baby Panther! Load him into the animal carrier and use the crane to pull him up to safety. Activate authentic lights & sounds with a push of the Paw Badge and head back to base. Race to the rescue with the Paw Patrol Paw Terrain Vehicle!

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Paw Patrol Everest’s Rescue Snowmobile, Vehicle and Figure

Ice or snow, she’s ready to go! Everest saves the day with her Snow Plow moving claws to clear any road! This pup and vehicle combination is loaded with Adventure Bay action! Everest rides inside the Snow Plow pushing through the snow with no problem at all. With real working treads, Everest’s Snow Plow gets her where she needs to go! Plow big with the rest of the Paw Patrol by collecting the entire line of Paw Patrol vehicles. Together, your child’s imagination will be lit up with pup inspired rescue missions full of friendship, teamwork and bravery. If danger is near just give a yelp, the Paw Patrol is here to help! No job is too big, no pup too small. Dig up an adventure in the Snow Blower with Everest!

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Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker

This self-supporting walker features a friendly zebra character and a range of activities. Your baby can use it for walking along, or sit down and play and learn with a combination of fun finger activities and learning games on the main body of the walker.

Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity Walker -Seated or Walk-Behind Position

This walker grows up with your baby. It starts out as a seated activity center on wheels, but then upgrades into a self-supporting walker as your child becomes steadier on their feet. It features some fun toys, and can be collapsed to make it easier to store and move.

Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

Based on Fisher-Price’s original walker with a phone, this self-supporting walker features some newer designs and a variety of activities that will keep your toddler very busy. It can be wheeled along upright or flattened into a play center.