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Taf Toys Toe Time Infant Car Toy (Baby Product)

Features: ?BABY'S ENTERTAINMENT IN TRAVEL - This is especially designed toy for babies while traveling by car. Generally the car travel can be annoying and unlikable for some babies. They need to be kept occupied with some entertaining means. This car seat toy serves this purpose., ? MATERIAL AND DESIGN - The toy car comes in very colorful design. It is made of soft and colorful fabric that provides soft and cozy comfort to your baby while traveling. The hanging toys are activated by the baby's kicking feet and music is played with lights as well., ?EASY ATTACHMENT AND ADJUSTMENT - The car seat toy can be attached to the car seat with toy's two triangle plastic rings to the headrest metal poles. The toy is adjustable for baby's convenience for height and angle with Velcro straps; so that baby can easily reach to the toy and play with. The toy's bottom part needs to be located between the car chair and car seat., ?HANGING TOYS - While in the rear seat baby is kept occupied playing with three toys. The traveling becomes fun for them with the feet kick activated toys that play music too.

At Taf toys we understand that choosing the right developmental toy for your child is a serious decision. Taf toys' wide range of products provides you with developmental toys that correspond to your baby's age.

Start Using This Toe Time Infant Car Toy For Easier Drive And Easier Development, As Well As To Keep Your Little One Entertained While Traveling.

Baby's Development In Early Years - Baby's senses and fine motor skills get developed very fast in early years. The skills are developed while they playing and doing any smaller activities. The playing and grabbing the colorful dolls kind of activities encourage the development of baby's senses and fine motor skills.

No More Babies' Boredom While Traveling - This is unique car seat toy that assures hours of "quiet" and no boredom traveling for your baby while driving. This is specially designed musical foot play area toy that is activated by baby's kicking feet.

Helpful In Baby's Overall Development While Growing - Baby gets 3 toys to play while seating. They use their senses to play with the toys. While playing and grabbing colorful dolls encourages the development of baby's senses.

Foot Keep Activated Toys - The toy is equipped with three funny hanging toys At baby's feet kick the music and lights are activated that helps baby to remain active. The baby reaches to grab and play with the hanging toys that enable baby's senses development.

BATTERIES - 3X LR44 batteries are included which are replaceable.

Order Today By Clicking On Add To Cart And Keep Your Baby Happy And Busy While Traveling.

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