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Lewo Wooden Stacking Game Tumble Tower Deluxe Building Blocks 54 pieces (number blocks) (Toy)

Features: Nicely safe wood made ,portable size: Tower - 2.9*2.9*10.8 inches, single block - 2.95 x 0.59 x 0.98 inches, Includes 54 precision crafted hard wood blocks and stacking paper sleeve with instructions and 4 pieces dices, Not only can play jumbling games,but also good math games as it printed numbers 1-54 .Works with both upper extremities / hands / fingers as well as the brain, Stacking the tower well with support,alternate removing one and placing it atop the tower again .The player who knocks down the tower is the loser, Approved ASTM and CE test.Recommended for ages 3 years old and up
Product Description?
Lewo 54-pieces stacking game, is a famous, classic game. Players take turns to remove one block from the tower , then place it on the top of the tower. So it will create a tall and precarious tower. The game is over when one of players make the tower fall.

Product Benefits:
? It is very well made, the wood is smooth and there's no chance for splinters.
? Great for drinking,party ,who failed this tower games,would be "Rewarded "by the winner.rule is depend on players.
? Ideal for the classroom or playroom, perfect tool for learning counting, adding, subtracting - in a fun way!
? It is also a good choice for portable travel,birthday present,Christmas gift .
? Offers interesting mental and physical activities to stimulate thinking and problem solving skills.

Package Content:
54* Hard wood blocks
4* wood dices

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