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Features: ADORABLY CUTE TOYS FOR BABY'S BATHTIME. These funny and whimsical toys will delight any baby or toddler, and are cute enough to make grownups smile too., THREE STYLES TO CHOOSE FROM. Purple Dolphin, Pink Fish and Blue Penguin. All three are sitting on a kayak and paddle themselves around the tub when they're wound up., TOTALLY SAFE FOR ANY AGE. The paddles are gentle and never spin fast enough to hurt your baby. There are no loose parts to present a choking hazard, and the materials used are non-toxic., MAKES BATHTIME FUN. If your child gets fussy at bathtime, one or all three of these toys will keep him or her distracted and happy, and make bathing something to look forward to., NO AGE LIMIT! Bathing products such as bubble bath, specialty soaps and bath salts are traditional gifts for women. Why not include some cute bathtub toys as well? She'll think of you as her toy paddles around her in the tub.
Make bathtime your child's favorite time of day with these adorable floating wind-up toys. Just wind the key and let them go in the tub, and they'll paddle their way through the suds, making your baby laugh. There are three styles to choose from: Purple Dolphin, Pink Fish and Blue Penguin, and they all feature colorful little aquatic animals sitting on kayaks. Choose a favorite or get all three.

The paddles are very gentle as they spin around, so there's no worry of them hurting your child. The toys are also very sturdily constructed, with no parts that are liable to break off and leave a sharp edge or present a choking hazard. The plastics used are nontoxic and food-safe, with no paints that will scrape off.

These toys are easy to wind up, so toddlers can develop their coordination by learning to wind them up for themselves.

Order today and enjoy your baby's smiles at bathtime !!!
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