HAKUBAKU's baby noodle Baby Spaghetti 100gX3bags (Baby Product)

Ingredients´╝ÜWheat Flour This short pasta is great for making baby food! Sodium-free! Easy homemade baby food that can be done in one pot! HAKUBAKU's Baby Spaghetti offers parents easy, simple recipes to make tasty homemade baby food! The noodles are already cut short. Friendly to both babies and parents! Good Point 1:Sodium-free! You don't need another pot to boil the pasta because the pasta is sodium-free, and you don't have to worry about the salt left in the water. You can cook everything in one pot! Good Point 2: Each noodle is as short as 2.5cm, the best length for baby food! By massaging the package before opening it, the noodles get even shorter, and you don't need to use knives or kitchen scissors. You can easily make the noodles shorter for younger babies. Good Point 3: You can shorten the boiling time by leaving the noodles in the pot! Boil the noodles for 3.3 minutes, then cover and let steam for 5.5 minutes. Good Point 4: Microwavable! Good Point 5: Easy to store. It's a stand up ziplock pouch.

Features:  Baby-safe noodles
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