Books for Girls - TWINS : Book 6: Moving On - Girls Books 9-12 (Kindle Edition)

Twins - Book 6: Moving On...
In this exciting addition to the Twins series, the suspense continues on. Casey and Ali are now faced with emotional turmoil that they struggle to deal with, and each twin finds that she needs the support of her sister to cope. They also discover that previous choices have led to dire consequence and, they may be forced to pay the price.

Will they be caught out once and for all? And what has become of Jake, the boy who each twin cannot stop thinking about? Is it possible for the girls to get the fairy tale ending that they secretly hope for?

All these questions will be answered as the drama continues on, leading to the most suspenseful climax of all. This is another great book for girls and a fabulous addition to the series.

By (author):  Katrina Kahler
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