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Biubee Adjustable Baby Safety Cabinet Lock - Multi-use Child Drawer Latches for Baby Proof (pack of 6 small bear) (Baby Product)

Features: 1.Babies are used to open drawers or cupboard at home, and often get hurt by the doort, and this lock is designed for this situation., 2.Material: ABS+PE, good toughness, less prone to break. Keep the most determined baby from hurting while allowing for easy one-handed access for adults and closing with the simple push of one finger., 3.Adhensive design, no tools and screws, no harmful for your furniture., 4.Package: 6 pcs Safety Door Drawers Lock., 5.Suitable for securing a full range of kitchen appliances, refrigerators,cupboards,drawers,cabinets and other furniture with a door.
1.Pls wipe off the sticking-place, keep it clean.
2.Strip off isolation paper of the product, then press it on the place firmly.
3.The stickness will be solidified and cementitious after 24 hours.
4.Pls do not touch the sticking-face by hand.
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