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Best Anti Slip Bath and Shower Mat With Suction Cups to Prevent Slippage in the Tub, Perfect for Babies, Kids & Seniors, Mildew Resistant & Machine Washable, Protect Yourself Now! (Kitchen)

Get Rid of Slippage On The Bathtub or Shower Once and For All

One of the most common household accidents happen in the shower or bathtub because sometimes their textured bottom surface isn't enough. Our high quality non slip rubber bath mat avoids these type of accidents by bringing:

✯ SAFETY - The multiple suction cup arrays firmly adheres to the tub or shower floor, to keep you and your family free from falling.
✯ ANTI SLIP SURFACE DESIGN - Each pattern design has been chosen to bring the right grip on the mat's surface.
✯ CARE FOR YOUR SKIN - Our natural materials are free from PVC, anti-bacterial ingredients and other chemical treatments, which is good for sensitive skin. Our materials bring extra comfort to your feet.
✯ CONVENIENT SIZE AND COLOR - The 16" x 28" size is suitable for most bathtub or showers. You can be protected at home, at hospitals, locker rooms at the gym, and whichever facility you're using the mat.
✯ MAXIMUM QUALITY - This mat is proven to last longer than other PVC or plastic mats, and do not expel that annoying strong plastic smell. It's machine washable, so you don't have to worry if a slight sign of mold appears, it can simply be washed away.

Most of our customers had have great experience using our mats, which proves the quality of our excellent product. Besides the product, we want you to have the best customer experience through our customer service. If you don't like our mat, simply return it, risk free.

If you like the idea of using a long lasting mat that does not produce bad smell and firmly adheres to the bathtub or shower surface, then our RiteMat is for you. Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, Or Your Money Back.

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  • ✮ START YOUR DAY ON THE BRIGHT SIDE and stop worrying about your loved ones safety. Avoid slipping into the shower by using this high quality rubber bath mat. Its powerful suction cup arrays adhere firmly to the tub or shower floor. It allows your kids to play safely at the tub and helps seniors to feel secure.
  • ✮ KEEP A SMILE ON YOUR FACE by feeling comfort on your feet. The natural rubber softness combined with its stylish pattern design, allows you to have a soothing effect on your feet while taking a shower.
  • ✮ NO MORE BAD SMELLS. Our bath mat materials have been carefully selected to avoid expelling strong PVC odors, so you don't have to disrupt your great and relaxing shower experience.
  • ✮ THE NIGHTMARE OF MOLD IS OVER! The rubber quality of the mat will withstand mildew growth.
  • ✮ THE PERFECT SIZE FOR YOUR BATHTUB OR SHOWER. This non slip rug has been designed to fit into any standard bathtub and shower. Its 16" x 28" size takes away the doubt out of your head, making it an easy option to choose.
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