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Best Baby Crib Safety Net Tent - Tried and Tested - Safe and Secure - Proven to Keep Your Baby Safe from Climbing Out. Finest Quality Original Australian Design Pop Up Crib Canopy Cover Easy Assembly (Baby Product)

Features: THE ORIGINAL AUSSIE CRIB NET- TENT - Designed for safety with breathable mesh netting, auto lock safety zippers and custom high-quality materials. This is the original high- quality pop up Australian Crib Net- Tent. Tried and Tested- Made to the highest standards - Since 1998. Beware of imitations., MEETS US CPSC BABY PRODUCT SAFETY STANDARDS - Your responsibly produced Aussie Crib Tent has been tested and approved. It will help keep baby safe and secure as it stops your toddler (or baby) climbing and escaping from their crib or getting caught in railings. This was why we originally invented our crib tent nearly 20 years ago, POP UP LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN ASSEMBLES IN SECONDS - The exclusive Aussie Crib Tent pops up easily and quickly, this crib net tent has been trusted by parents all over the world for many years. The tent is light weight, portable and great for travel. PEACE OF MIND PROTECTION - Protect your baby or toddler from climbing and escaping out of their crib or being woken up by wandering siblings. Reward yourself and your baby with a better more restful night's sleep., DESIGNING CRIB TENTS SINCE 1998 - We have 19 years' experience with crib tent design and safety. We take the safety of our products very seriously. Our market leading design and attention to quality and detail brings you the very best baby crib safety net- tent possible. Our safety crib net fits all crib styles including convertible and sleigh cribs with a mattress measuring 51.5" x 27.5", THE ULTIMATE SAFETY CRIB NET - tested and meets US baby product safety standards you can have the peace of mind that when you buy an Aussie Crib Net- Tent Canopy you are getting a high-quality product. We hope you will love your Aussie Crib tent. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - If for any reason you are not totally satisfied we will give you your money back.
Aussie Cot Net Co Crib Tents stop babies and toddlers climbing and falling out of their crib. Designed by Michelle Wackrow who has been at the cutting edge of baby crib net design since 1998. The Aussie Tent Crib is safety and quality tested and meets US CPSC baby product safety standards. Unpack the sleep tent, pack up your worries! You can look forward to an end to those sleepless nights where you are putting your baby back and forth into the crib. It can also help protect your baby from pets like cats who might crawl into a cot, as well as keep bugs like mosquito's out. Babies and toddlers seem to love our crib design which keeps them safe and helps you have a more peaceful night's rest. I'm told it "Keeps the Monsters Out" Our crib tent will help you get your sleep back. Babies like the secure, cozy feeling the tent gives them so they can sleep better- just ask any of our happy customers. The crib tent netting is breathable polyester mesh fabric, closes securely with an auto lock zip. There is no loose netting, so your baby can not get tangled. The light weight product weighs just over 1 kilo The Safety crib net canopy model was exclusively designed in 1998 in Australia and is made to fit crib styles including sleigh cribs with a mattress measuring 51.5" x 27.5" The mattress tent features a self-supporting spun wire frame that's designed to be flexible and allow movement, so it will always bounce back to the original shape after movement. If you use a video monitor to view through the crib net, the daytime view is best, place the camera away from the netting, the viewing is not as good as your own eye view. Satisfaction is guaranteed with the baby crib tent, or your money back. You can message Michelle the original designer with any questions. Baby Crib net tent copyright: Intellectual property and design by Michelle Wackrow Owner Aussie Cot Net Co. Please don't use it now when you need it and then return it later.
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