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Aqueduck Faucet Handle Extender Set. Connects to Sink Handle and Faucet to Make Washing Hands Fun and Teaches Your Baby or Child Good Habits and Promote Independence to them. (Baby Product)

Company Overview: Do you find it annoying to have to drop what you're doing to run and open the sink for your toddler? Does it bother you to see your child walking around filthy due to a lack of independence to take care of his hygienic needs? Does your heart skip a beat while seeing your child dangerously climbing the sink? All the above has haunted Susanna Lee for years, and so Aqueduck was born. Aqueduck is the first-ever faucet handle extender that will not only make your life easier, but will foster independence skills, build confidence and make hand washing and brushing teeth fun for your child.

Usage: The Aqueduck Faucet & Handle Extender set for Two Handle Sinks is a fun way to extend the handle of the sink and the faucet for toddlers so they can use the sink independently. It is specifically designed so that children won't be able to turn on the hot water.

Sizes: We have invested an enormous amount of time and effort to make it compatible with as many Sinks as possible. The Faucet Extender is one universal size that fits all faucets. However, for the Handle Extender we have two models. The model that you are currently looking at is the "Two Handle Extender Set" which fits onto most sinks that have separate knobs for the hot and cold. (If this is not the sink you have, please select the "Faucet & Handle Extender set for One Handle Sink" from the Size drop down in the Amazon listing.) The other model is the "Faucet & Handle Extender set for One Handle Sink" which will fit most sinks that have one knob for the hot and cold.

Package Content:

One Yellow Handle Extender for Two Handle Sink.

One Clear/ Grey Faucet extender

Safety & Clean: Aqueduck Extenders are made out of high quality long lasting durable plastic, which contains no BPA, PVC, or phthalates. It can easily be removed for cleaning and is dishwasher safe.


★ 2015 NAPPA Gold winner!

★ Parent Tested Parent Approved 2011 Winner!

  • Fits most Two Handle Sinks. Easy to remove for cleaning, top shelf dishwasher safe.
  • Works right out of the box. No tools or assembly required. Simply attach to handle extender to the Sink Handle and the Faucet Extender to the Faucet and watch the good habits start to form.
  • The Handles have a patented design to work only on cold side for safety and keeps the temperature just right.
  • Comes with a full lifetime manufacturer's warranty. Made from long lasting soft durable plastic that contains no BPA, PVC, phthalates, or any other harmful dyes.
  • Integrates a brightly-colored unique design which encourages good hygiene and promotes independence for ages 2 or older.
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