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AQUATOPIA Digital Audible Alarm, Floating Safety Bath Thermometer – beeps when too hot or too cold (Baby Product)

Features: Easy to use Alerts you with an audible alarm if the water is too hot (100.4~F/38~C) and if too cold below (89.6~F/32~C), Automatically activates in water, Reads bath temperature every 2 seconds, Easy to use, No Buttons, Makes a great, fun toy as well, Kids and Toddler Bath time digital Thermometer, Floats above water, Made with non-toxic material
Aquatopia Safety Bath Time Audible Thermometer
Make Bath time safe time!
Audible water activated bath thermometer accurately measures water temperature & sounds an alarm if too hot or too cold.
Also makes a great bath toy!

Battery Included (LR44)

Flashes "LO" when its time to change battery

Compliant to safety standards

Sensor activated turns on when placed in water, turns off automatically when taken out of water
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